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Our Values

Our integrity is maintained by certain steadfast principles. 

The American Citizens Institute exists as a vehicle for those who shall work to ensure a fair, suitable, and orderly balance between individual freedoms, and the imposition of government social control. Guided by principles of the highest integrity and worth, all work shall pay duty to matters of cooperation, fairness, proportion, fact, and benefit. It is with unity and knowledge that this institute hopes to foster the concepts that will provide a foundation on which lives can be saved.

I. We are independent

American Citizen Institute has no division or lines drawn. We are not aligned with any organization, race, or outside cause. We have no targeted opposition, nor do we harbor any hidden agendas, or sponsers. Our approach and perception is placed outside of any specific culture, state, political alliance, or group. We keep a universal conscience toward the goodwill for all people.

II. We are peaceful

American Citizen Institute is opposed to unprovoked aggression, force, violence, or any illegal means being used by anyone, even when the ultimate intent is for an honorable purpose. We are servants for peace and do not protest, complain, challenge, or point fingers. We exist merely to work alongside and subservient to all of those closely tied to the problems that we are working to resolve. We think that man should never kill man without thorough process or carefully measured reason. We place human lives above all things.

III. We are human

American Citizen Institute knows that as human beings our reasoning is a process, and that human perfection is impossible. Through the realization that within us we have challenges of our own, and by working to overcome those challenges, we think is the best way to come to qualified conclusions and solutions. Some of the ways we do this is by adhering to a neutral, fair, unselfish and universal perspective, working collectively and recognizing all opinions, thinking back as well as ahead, and by using empathy and tolerance as our guide. We keep goodwill and compassion at the forefront of our intentions.

 IV. We are loving

American Citizen Institute regards love as a necessary two-way ingredient for life that requires tolerant, empathetic, and compassionate action and interactivity. We renounce hatred and all other forms of excessive fear.

V. We are transparent

American Citizen Institute believes that freedom of information promotes progress, just as the concealment of the truth is restrictive. We support the carefully managed exchange of information for solidarity and the uniting of communities.

VI. We are free

American Citizen Institute holds that reservation of basic individual freedoms must be protected so that individuality of life may thrive. We believe that a universally-desired safe and harmonious community can only exist under equal protections under the rule of law, and that any deviation of that rule, or tolerance for deviation, whether by any person or institution, can only serve as a disruption of that peace.

These are the guiding values and principles of the American Citizens Institute. 

The following is a list of important issues that currently challenge the peace and happiness of many lives. While American Citizens Institute has only limited resources that are currently being used to target other specific needs, these are issues that we still hold with great concern and importance.

  • MENTAL HEALTH - There are tens of millions of citizens who are severely mentally ill in the United States. Nearly all of them are without treatment, a home, or any case management assistance. Our jails are populated with these individuals whose only crime is often their illness. They are subject to further cruelty and suffering within these institutions by their fellow inmates who regard them as they do sex offenders due to their own lack of understanding. The mentally ill do not receive the same protection as sex offenders and are openly ridiculed, beaten, and even murdered as jail staff with an equal lack of understanding turn a blind eye to their suffering.
  • DRUG ABUSE - There is but one known care program available to drug addicts in our country. Its effectiveness is unknown and unmonitored. It is one that is home derived, homegrown, and home schooled. The entire self help program is contained in just one book written eighty years ago by a man who recieved not one unit of education on the matter, and who was simply a sufferer of alcoholism himself. The program receives no public funding, has no success tracking, and of course is not groomed for each individual. Meanwhile, as an opioid epidemic is rising in our country, and drug overdose is a leading cause of death, that book remains as the single existing effort made to address the issue and the only real treatment option available for any American that becomes dependent on any drug or alcohol. While it may be effective and enough for a very small percentage of the population, it is not a viable nor legitimate effort by our society of addressing the issue in any measured fashion. There is a major denial of responsibility for the unnecessary deaths that are occurring to our brothers, our sisters, and our children. There is a complete failure to properly assess and address this matter that affects a substantial portion of our citizens.  
  • FOREIGN POLICY - Our industrial military complex costs an estimated three trillion dollars each year. Most of that money is spent on foreign aggressions against innocent people in volation of international law and without congressional approval. The result is the death of men, women, and children who have committed no foul against America or Americans. Twenty million innocent people have died as part of the United States foreign policy since World War II.
  • ANIMAL ABUSE - The fact that something is natural does not automatically make it good. Disease and murder are natural. Treating animals humanely is no more an affront to nature than curing disease or criminalizing murder. Nature can be cruel; industrializing that cruelty is wrong. 55 billion land and sea animals are killed annually to support the U.S. food supply. During World War II--the deadliest conflict in human history--more than 60 million people were killed over 6 years. The same number of animals die in support of the American food supply every ten hours.

    There are exponentially more dogs and cats in America than in any other country. For every dog or cat adopted as a pet, there is a dog or cat killed by lethal injection.  

    These facts support the suggestion that the American people are devout consumers of animals. We value them only as their usefulness to us as companions, source of income, food, or some material product that can be bought or sold. Similar to slave owners, we think only of ourselves and how we can benefit from our position of power and control over another vulnerable group. Most of us are completely insensitive to the horror and costs that the animals must endure in order to become useful to us in some way.     

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