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Part III - Unity

Our organization wants to help strike a balance between public order and personal freedoms.

"There are many different interpretations of the words "social justice." My interpretation is dictated by the currently existing social injustices. One in particular stands out. Since life is a person's most valued item, then an avoidable death must be his greatest concern. When that avoidable death comes at the hands of one's own society in a fashion that is given little thought or scrutiny, or through no fault of the dead it is an injustice that should be of the highest concern to each member of that society. This particular social injustice is the basis of my life work. That work is to include a sharing of the importance of this social injustice as a lack of awareness and concern are the chief elements that allow this injustice to exist."

Michael Kitterman, Founder of American Citizens Institute    


Our organization was formed as the level of alarm, and urgency for change rises to new levels in America’s ...


People are suffering and dying in our country needlessly.
Many of those deaths could have been avoided. 


American law enforcement has little in place to monitor the conduct of officers. The citizens lack..


Former president Barrack Obama created a “National Crime and Justice Task Force” designated with ...


Based on the findings of the National Crime and Justice Task Force as well as the findings of nearly ...


There are millions of people in America who are ready to work for change. What they all lack is unification and ...

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Founder: Michael Kitterman
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