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A State of Tyranny

Countless Americans are dying.

Twice the president of the United States has signed law that requires that all law enforcement agencies report data on officer involved shootings and deaths in custody. Ninety-nine percent of police departments across America continue to openly defy congress and refuse to report that information. We see racial profiling, unnecessary deadly force against the mentally ill, and even bigoted harassment of our vulnerable homeless occuring regularly as the police hide evidence of their own aggression against the people. Those who they are meant to protect. The oppression will continue while we are kept in the dark without knowing just how many innocent people are being killed by armed government personnel who demonstrate disobedience to our laws.

There is only one way to stop police tryanny. That is by the citizenry regaining authority over that entity that has gone rogue. That is exactly what must be done in America before the overoccuring violence against the people will subside. How can this citizen oversight be created?

It is our mission to bring together those who are capable and qualified to take on such a challenge. Those who have shown an ability and an expert knowledge on this important issue. We hope to provide the framework, the unification, and the inspiration to these special persons that will help lead them to a well developed solution.


American Citizens Institute
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Founder: Michael Kitterman
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