A State of Tyranny

Countless Americans are dying.

Law enforcement in America is outstepping their moral bounds, constitutional limitations, and clear congressional law. Twice the president of the United States has signed acts into law that require that all law enforcement agencies report data on officer involved shootings and deaths in custody. Ninety-nine percent of police departments across America continue to openly defy congress and refuse to report that information. The result is that tyrannical policing policies prevail nationwide and go on unchecked. We see racial profiling, unnecessary deadly force against the mentally ill, and even bigoted harassment of our vulnerable homeless occuring regularly as the police hide all facts and evidence of their own aggression against the people who they are meant to protect. No citizen is safe while we have a secret police operating without constraint. The oppression will continue while we are kept in the dark without knowing just how many innocent people are being slain by an armed law enforcement who lack authority and who demonstrate a widespread disobedience to written law. 

Civil order cannot exist without the entire community's willingness to adhere to the rule of law. All groups within a community cannot live unoppressed without full participatory obedience to the rule of law. Laws are effective only while they exist under the rule of law standard. 

The only way that a society can live freely without oppression is when there is a means in place that assures that no entity within the community is without restrictive power of the law. In America there is an entity of the community who must only answer to themselves. They are not secret in their defiance of the law, only quite secret as to the extent of their defiance. This very same entity just happens to be the one entity with the means to oppress the people as this is the only armed entity. This entity is also the entity encharged with assuring the safety of the community.

When those responsible for citizen safety who are also responsible for the enforcement of law do not honor the law there is little assurance of safety for the citizens. The greater the disobedience to the law the greater the danger and oppression to the citizenry. Law enforcement agencies in America are operating secretly and in brazen disobedience to the highest of American law. Their worst conduct is kept secret.

While this entity openly defies the rules of the community and keeps secret their misdeeds you have a recipe for only one type of outcome: Tyranical oppression where the very lives of the citizenry are being compromised.

There is only one way to stop tryanny. That is by the citizenry regaining authority over that entity that has gone rogue. That is exactly what must be done in America before the overoccuring violence against the people will subside. America needs citizen oversight of government, in this case the law enforcement branch of government that currently operates with tyranical power and impunity. How can this citizen oversight be created? This is a question to which few have ever taken on the effort for an answer. There are those who are capable of solving this problem.

It is our mission to bring together those who are capable and qualified to take on such a challenge. Those who have shown an ability and an expert knowledge on this important issue. We hope to provide the framework, the unification, and the inspiration that may lead to a well developed solution acceptable by all those affected. We feel the importance is enough for at least there be given a sincere effort to manage and resolve such an important aspect of American life, and such a lethal threat to American freedom.

While we see no other effort being made, it is our love of that American freedom that compels us, and our respect for American life that guides us. It is in honor of law for which we work. This we will do regardless of precedence or level of support, but we know that success shall depend on the latter. 


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