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Our strategy is you. 

Our strategy
is to bring together those exceptional achievers in our country who have shown a proven ability to advance the cause of human rights. We shall provide the structure and perform the legwork so that these extraordinary perople can contribute in the most effective way, and with minimal inconvenience. These experts shall develop the strategies and plans of action that we shall base all work upon.

These are the people who most exemplify the leadership qualities held by America‚Äôs founding fathers. These are the people who are best suited to turn the direction of our country back toward the vision that our founding fathers held. They hold the greatest hope for curing the issues that have a negative impact on our nations health.  

There are millions
of people in America who are ready to work for change. What they all lack is unification and leadership. Our purpose is to weave the fabric that unites those who can institute effective change in our society.

Police officer safety
is a necessary ingredient to a healthy community. Our mission is to educate the general public on the best way to interact with law enforcement to assure everyones safety. 

Police officers have fears and emotions just like the rest of us. It is important that the citizens treat officers with due respect and yeild to the authority of law enforcement.

Police officers receive special training on how to interact with the public, but what about the public? Shouldn't the public know how to properly interact with law enforcement? We think everyone should know how to conduct themselves properly when encountering members of law enforcement. We offer training for this purpose. We also visit jails with the intent to educate those with a history of evading or resisting police. We teach the mentally ill, the homeless, drivers, those on private property, and just about everyone else in the community the importance of complying with the authority of law enforcement for the officer's safety, as well as their own.    



American Citizens Institute
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Founder: Michael Kitterman
Phone:  (925) 503-8980