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Part I - Our Local Family

Some of the local residents have become dear friends, but anyone is welcome to stop by. We are not like most professional providers who merely treat the symptoms. We don't just help with the everyday struggle to survive. We take our time and get to know our family so that we can try to pinpoint just what it is that has set a life off track. Then we provide the tools so that the unfortunate can begin fixing the root of the problem in their lives

Pictured In the photo are the real names of some of the people we have gotten to know. We don't target any specific group, and we do not place any qualifying requirements. We just want to help people regain a new solid foot because we know their happiness will soon follow. 


American Citizens Institute
5216 Belle Drive Bldg B
Antioch, CA 94509-4322


Founder: Michael Kitterman
Phone:  (925) 503-8980