Fighting Crime

The effort to fight crime in the United States is hampered by some very large obstacles. The first being the existing lack of unity between the 18,000 federal, and local law enforcement agencies across America. Another obstacle is the slow adoption of community policing models. While community policing has been known to be effective at crime prevention since the early 80's, law enforcement's ability to utilize such strategy has yet to develop. Every state has its own nomenclature for agencies, and their powers, responsibilities and funding vary from state to state. ACI is confident that we can assist law enforcement in this crucial area.  

Crime Data

We are now in the age of information as information data is at the core of our largest industry models. Where industry has succeeded at harvesting existing data for certain purposes, our government and law enforcement in particular has failed to effectively build the tools and solutions that data offers toward fighting crime. ACI is confident that we can assist law enforcement in this crucial area.  

Police Reform

There is not one police department in America that could be pointed to as a successful model of police reform.. Each failed attempt at police reform in America lacks the five core principles held by successful European and  Scandinavian reform programs. ACI is confident that we can assist law enforcement in this crucial area.

Community Involvement

All experts agree that community involvement is a crucial tool in lowering crime rates, yet in America there are still lines between the community and law enforcement that must be erased before the two can work together as a team. Meanwhile violent crime in America continues. ACI is confident that we help bring this tool to law enforcement.

A Balance of Freedom & Order.

The ideal society is one that promotes both individual; freedoms and sound social order.  Achieving that balance is sometimes where improvement can be made. ACI is confident that we can help both government and the people achieve a good social balance.    

Guns and Violence

School shootings, mass murders, and many of the other other darkest forms of violence continue to plague America. like no other modern society. ACI is learning why. We are confident that we can help reduce violent crime in America. 

War on Drugs

If there is truly a war on drugs then the drugs can claim victory. Street drugs are often more easily accessible than many doctor prescribed medicines in America. The current punishment model used to deal with drug use is viewed by some as a war against people. America's own people. While this war separates families and casts addicts further into hopelessness, it has had little effect toward taking drugs off our streets or addressing the real issue, addiction. About 38% of adults in America currently battle an illicit drug use disorder. and 31.9 million Americans currently use illegal drugs regularly. The typical option available to those Americans who face addiction is a 100 year old home grown self-help program that has an extremely low success rate. Other countries that have turned efforts away from punishing drug law violators and toward a serious effort to treat addiction have watched their crime rates plummet. ACI is confident we can assist in this area.   

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