Our organization is being formed as the level of alarm, and urgency for change rises to new levels in America’s struggle with matters of economic disparity, sustainability, and violence. As day to day issues continue to keep our government’s attention occupied, matters of highest importance are being overlooked. The fundamental principles behind democracy, the rule of law, and the preservation of life and personal liberty continue to be threatened in the face of misinformation, greed, and self-interest. It is not hard to see these problems of our society. What is harder is to see is the steps that are needed to correct and reverse these trends. Perhaps change is needed in our approach to working toward solutions. An approach that preserves certain principles and is less affected by misinformation or self-interest. 

Ours is an approach that does not start as a grain of sand hoping to become a boulder, but one that is a boulder already. Being supported by many, each carrying just a grain of sand. 

Our vision requires skilled management, competent leadership, and a devotion to righteousness. It requires participation by most exceptional people who have most exceptional skills. If only these men were brought together and their ideas were heard, would a great chance at effecting change could be had. 

There are millions of people in America who are ready to work for change. What they all lack is unification and leadership. We want to lead these people and to unify these people so that they can effectively help all people.


American Citizens Institute
5216 Belle Drive Bldg B
Antioch, CA 94509-4322


Founder: Michael Kitterman
Phone:  (925) 503-8980