Some of the issues and solutions we are working on today.

Narcan Training
and distribution for opioid overdose lifesaving treatment

We provide free Narcan in bulk and training on its use to appropriate nonprofits in the Bay Area.
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Sanitation Stations
for the unhoused to help curb Covid spread.

We have installed free public wash stations throughout San Francisco in a sanitary approach to help stop the spread of the Corona virus. Read more

Spiritual Awakenings
addresses the issues that may be the cause of  homelessness for some

Spiritual Awakenings is a weekly workshop held at the Mission Corps Church on Valencia Street in the Mission District on Sunday evenings at 8:30. Anyone is invited to attend the self-help workshop where mentors coach those who are experiencing barriers to housing, employment, or other problems. Spiritual Awakenings has become the largest attended weekly event in San Francisco. This workshop is also available through Zoom.

The meeting dial-in: (669) 900-9128, 
Enter Meeting ID: 89348737544#, 
Enter PIN: 1212#

Rainfall Capturing Systems in Rural Kenya
Allowing year round personal water self sufficiency.

"I noticed on one of my trips to Africa that there were a lot of people  in the rural tribes with scarred shins. When I inquired I was told it was from pushing wheelbarrows loaded with water. In areas located away from natural water sources and public water utilities the people, including children and the elderly are forced to retrieve their personal water for each day. Sometimes it can be 5-10 miles away. Since the rainy season provides enough water to last year round if it can be collected and stored, ACI funded the purchase and installation of several rainwater systems for several of the most isolated rural tribes in Kenya. They each consist of a rooftop capturing membrane, a 1000 gallon tank, and a cement foundation."

Michael Kitterman

Workers Rights Laws in East Africa
are not being enforced by East African governments

There is one way to persuade East African governments to start enforcing the international labor laws that they have adopted. The United States holds that power by being able to leverage their bargaining power when negotiating trade agreements with those countries. Fees and tariffs charged by the U.S. are supposed to be attached to each country's human rights report card. The problem is that the U.S. is not enforcing the provisions of those agreements. Everyday workers in Africa are being subject to abuse and enslavement by greedy employers. The existing suffering is not only felt by those employed, but the forced double shifts by employers drives unemployment to disastrous levels as those illegal shifts would otherwise double the workforce size of those countries. We are working to get the U.S. government to do more than pay lip service to humanitarian causes in Africa and abide by their own stipulated agreements.

Sex for Grades 
is a major issue terrorizing sub-Saharan female students 

We are establishing a centralized means for students to report abusive teachers who then become target of our own investigation. We push authorities to enforce the law and punish violators who abuse girls and young women while holding a position of public trust. 

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