Advancing to East Africa

By Michael Kitterman

The people shown in this webpage background are not models posing for art. These are my friends who I know by first and last name. I have traveled to Africa more times than I like to admit. I have established bonds with the people of East
Africa. People that are very smart, very virtuous, very kind, and very beautiful. Many who I have become very close to.

The informal employment sector in Kenya comprises 83.83% of the total workforce. Despite a full list of international labor laws that have been adopted, those workers continue to be victims of economic violence administered by their employers. 

I believe that ACI can apply our unique pragmatic techniques that have worked so well in America toward similar success in East Africa. We have already began devising promising strategies toward solutions for the people of East Africa. We look forward to the opportunity to put our plans into action and then watch as East Africa begins to heal and prosper as justice is served.

Crisis in East Africa

Emergency International Support is Needed
Employer Abuses 

Workers rights are being ignored in East Africa. Laws that protect against sexual abuse, employer economic violence, and poor working conditions go unenforced by East African governments.  

Unmanaged Roadways

A lack of traffic management results in highway disorder for East Africans and is responsible for some of the highest injury and death tolls in the world.


China's profitable investments in East African business has lead the way for some job growth in Africa, but most of the population is still out of work and continue to go hungry. 

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