Intervention is needed

Many government organizations and NPO's claim to be helping the people of Africa. While improvements are being made in some areas, the people of Africa who are eager to work continue to suffer due to government and corporate derived corruption, misconduct, economic violence, and other greed inspired injustices.  

Crisis in East Africa

Emergency International Assistance is Needed
Employer Abuses 

Workers rights are being ignored in many sub-Saharan countries. Laws that protect against sexual abuse, employer economic violence, and poor working conditions go unenforced by East African governments.  

Unmanaged and Unsafe Roadways

A lack of traffic management results in highway disorder for East Africans and is responsible for some of the highest injury and death tolls in the world.

Labor Shortages

China's profitable investments in East African business has lead the way for some labor growth in East Africa, but most of the population is still out of work and continue to starve. Employers are largely to blame.

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