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Come work under our Volunteer Coordinator Paula Martin
to help those in our community who are most in need. 

Watch the smiles form as the homeless recieve your care. 

You've always wanted to be a teacher, right? Here's your big chance. Chalkboard and all. 

It's time to stop being so anonymous. Give back what N.A. or A.A. gave to you. 

Are you super friendly? Start working with law enforcement. It may turn into a career.

Take your people skills to the next level and discover what it means to help rebuild lives.

There's 8 seconds on the clock and the coach just gave you the nod. Victory is near. 



5216 Belle Drive  Unit B             
Antioch, CA 94509-4322


Email: mikekitterman@gmail.com
Phone:  (925) 826 6073